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Consent form for personal information collection
Kwangyang Technical Service Company (“Kwangyang Technical Service(KTS)”) collects and uses personal information of customers as follows in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization Act. If you do not consent to this Collection and Use of Personal Information, you cannot send your inquiry through Kwangyang Technical Service’s internet homepage, mobile homepage or application and cannot receive services or other benefits provided by Kwangyang Technical Service to our customers.

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
(1) Reception and Management of Homepage
Confirm intent to send as customers; identify and certify identity; maintain and manage qualifications; prevent unauthorized use of service; restrict various notifications; measures to restrict use by customers who breached terms of use; sanction acts that may interrupt the smooth operation of services and acts of unauthorized use of services; restrict subscription and number of subscription attempts; confirm intent to withdraw as customer

(2) Provide Goods or Services
Provide services, etc. (e.g., home furnishing, separate kitchen planning service) through internet homepage, mobile homepage or application; provide troubleshooting relating to the user of services such as delivery and assembly such as customer confirmation

(3) Improve Services
Improve to make services through internet homepage, mobile homepage or application (as defined under terms of use) to be provided using the method that is optimized for the user’s computer or other information and communications device; prepare statistics data relating to Kwangyang Technical Service’s works such as service development and improvement

(4) Customer Services
Confirm identity of complainant; confirm complaints; communicate and notify to confirm facts; notify results of customer services

2. Collected Personal Information
(1) customer Subscription Information: Name (First Name, Surname), mobile phone number, e-mail address
(2) Automatically Generated Information: Cookie information

3. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information
(1) The collected personal information in principle will be used from the subscription as customer until the withdrawal as customer.
(2) In case a customer withdraws as customer, personal information of the customer will be deleted immediately in accordance with the relevant laws, except in case where such personal information need to be retained in accordance with laws or there is a reason to use such personal information after the customer’s withdrawal, such as handling of complaints that arose prior to the withdrawal.
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